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I cannot and will never understand how human beings, especially parents can deliberately hurt their children whether it be by physical  or mental means. How they can rob the child of his family, friends, heritage and the very roots of their existence. Don't they care that what they are doing is going to affect them the rest of their lives? Even wild animals have more sense than this.

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The Cruelty

Now that we look back Dainen's mother was setting him up for withdrawal from anyone that she thought he cared about. First his Aunt,Uncle and Cousins in Victoria, next Us, then his Father and last his Uncle, Aunt and Cousins in Calgary. Now........there were no outsiders left to make sure that Dainen was OK.
It was at this point that we filed for access within the court system and encountered an extremely talented pair of legal people at the law office of HENDRICKS LAW OFFICE...... in Calgary AB. Sue Hendricks and her very talented assistant  have been and still are doing an awesome job. For anyone who may be interested I will put Sue's phone number on the contact page.
As you can see we have included the courts latest decision here for you to read.
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