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I have put this picture of Hearts and Hands in honour of a lady called Betty. She is a Grand raising a Grand and started the Hearts and Hands Quilt quite some time ago to honour all the Grandparents who are either raising Grandchildren or seeking access to Grandchildren.

Hearts & Hands PRESS RELEASE
The "Hearts & Hands" is a project that represents both denied access children and grandchildren being raised by grandparenTo View
Betty Cornelius is the founder of The Association to Reunite Grandparents & Families in Ontario. This project came to live after Betty was challenged by The Grandparents Resource Center in Denver, CO. to match a quilt project that they did. Please take a look at the US quilt at:
Grandparents from across Canada are represented on the quilt, each with a heartbreaking tale. Anyone could sent a patch in and be part of this history making Hearts & Hands quilt. Patches with Hearts represent denied access grandchildren. Patches with Hands represent grandchildren being raised by grandparents. Traveling with the quilt is a small book from those who have been brave enough to share their heartache. At this time there are over 108 blocks on the Hearts & Hands quilt and is still being added on to. Folks, you can still to made a patch and be part of this!
Since itís birth the Hearts & Hands quilt has traveled across Canada and continues to do so! Betty Cornelius is arranging to have it presented to the Prime Minister and is waiting to hear back form his office. On completion of itís journey the Hearts & Hands quilt will rest at the office of the Canadian Grandparents Rights Association.
Four leading magazines; Today's Grandparent, Canadian Living, Mc Calls and MacCleans all addressed the grandparent issues. Grandparentsí time has come! It is imperative that people notice the seriousness of grandparent situations and the problems they are faced with!
As a grandmother denied access of her first granddaughter and raising her second granddaughter (same son and two different women), both these issues are dear to Bettyís heart!
It is our hope that the Hearts and Hands quilt and the book will add to the publicís awareness of the plight of grandchildren and grandparents.
(Your name, and information's here)
Betty Cornelius-President
The Association to Reunite Grandparents & Families
R.R. # 1, Mc Arthurs Mills, Ontario, Canada K0L 2M0 or 613-474-0035

Following are a few pictures of this wonderful undertaking as it crosses the country back and forth and continues growing every day.