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Dainen of Now
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April 24,2002. A random chance of getting a current picture of Dainen. He is now 11 years old and he seemed so full of fear. I did manage to coax a small smile out of him for the second picture. All he could say was that he had to get home or he would be in trouble. I got the impression that he may have been told that we, his Grandparents would hurt him. Once when he was about 7 years old the mother had brought home a large dog. After a short while she got rid of the dog and told him it was all his fault because he didn't care for the dog properly. Dainen felt so bad because he told me he had tried his best.
On April 27\02 I received a phone call from his mother. She told me that Dainen is terrified of us. When I asked her who was responsible for that her reply was that it didn't matter. She threatened to have us up on harrassment charges and stalking charges. She claims that her boyfriend, perhaps husband now has adopted him and that breaks all blood ties. What she doesn't seem to know is that is not true. We already won that ruling in court.