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To my right is the decision we received by the Family Court in Calgary, Alberta. This decision was read to us in open court on Feb. 9, 2001   
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Page 9: The Decision


Dr. Stone did not support spanking.

The Doctor's notes indicated that Mother had told her that visitation had been stopped because the Grandparents had called Child Welfare due to their concerns about the medication, the diagnosis and parenting.

Antonia McGilvery

Ms. McGilvery married Father on February 14, 1986 and they were divorced on November 20, 1992. During the marriage she gave birth to two daughters. Father consented to the adoption of his two daughters by Mr. McGilvery on November 26, 1999. She does not permit the Grandparents to visit her daughters. Visits between the girls and the Grandparents were sporadic
and ceased in December, 1995. Ms. McGilvery said that during her marriage she pacified Grandmother in order not to get her angry, but Grandmother was often rude and abrupt. The granddaughters now adamantly refuse to have any dealings with the Grandparents; they call them "those people". She does not consider the Grandparents to be good role models and believes they have raised their own children baldly.

Allan Radke

Mr. Radke works for the City of Calgary and has a grade 8 education. For the past 7 years Mr. Radke has lived with Mother and they are the parents of twin girls. He describes the Child as his son, treated just as he treats his two daughters. Mr. Radke says that he loves the Child and that the Child calls him Dad. He describes Mother as strict but very loving. He comes from a large
family and sees all of the family members frequently.

Mr. Radke has disciplined the Child through time-outs and spanking, including spanking with a belt, but he denies having ever hurt the Child, except possibly through an accident when they were playing. He says that he does not discuss the Grandparents with the Child. He described the conduct of this application as very had on his relationship with Mother and feels it would be hard for them to stay together if the court were to award access to the Grandparents'. He' reported that the Child was rude and obnoxious when he returned from visits with his Grandparents. He admits that he doesn't know the Grandparents very well, but he doesn't trust them or respect
them because they have caused nothing but problems between him and his wife.

Mr. Radke said that he has personally heard Mother tell the Grandparents about the Child being on Ritalin - this contradicts what the Mother has said.

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