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Hello There
My name is Phyllis and this will be my fifteen minutes of fame. With this web site I am going to attempt to portray some of the things that have shaped my life. Some of them are great, some not so great. That's life though.

Below is a picture of me and my other half. We have been married for over fourty years now and are still having fun. He truly is my Soul Mate. He is "my pick me up" when I am down for the count, my laughter whether I think I need it or not, my partner when I feel the urge to find out what is around the next corner or over the next hill.  Our kids say we are the only people they have ever seen that can break up laughing in the middle of a fight. That ability has brought us through many rough times.

On this and the following several pages I will be profiling my husband, children and grandchildren.

Marcel SR's Page
Michelle's Page
Marcel JR's Page
Janine's Page
Randy's Page
Judy's Page

Grandchildren's Page


We  had very little money when we got married so we got married in the rectory of the great St. Boniface Cathedral (before it burned down) and had a small reception in the neighbours house. We had about $3.00 left for a cab and as I recall it took about $2.30 of that to get to where we had rented a room with cooking facilities, shared bathroom and very little privacy. Needless to say we didn't live there any longer than we had to.

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