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In July of 99 a social worker apparently went to the home of Michelle Hoffman to check on Dainen's well being.
A report of said visit was supposedly filed.
A copy of the supposed report is to the right.
I say "supposed" because I have recently sent letters to all of the MLA's in this province and to all of the MP's in this country. Very few of them replied but thankfully there still are some caring people out there who did and one of them suggested that I call the Children's Advocate re: Dainen. I did this and found myself talking to a very nice man who asked the usual questions of name, address etc. When given all the needed information he could not find Dainen in the system anywhere. Very strange To search further he had me look on the report for a number. I found the number and this man looked every way that he could look and still turned up no file on Dainen. He told me that if a social worker had gone to the house he should have filed a report. If he had filed a report Dainen would be in the "system" If he did not file a report he did not do his job correctly.  This man no longer works for Social Services and has not for a long time now. I wonder why?

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Alberta family & Social Services Report

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The following is what it says in the document above.

Lanny Smith and Dwayne Koch attended at the home at 6144 Penworth Road S.E. Calgary and found Michelle home, having just cut the lawn, and now vacuuming and housecleaning. The house was appropriately furnished and was obviously being
cleaned, with a limited amount of clutter on the kitchen counters end dining room table. After a brief moment of surprise, Michelle invited us in to sit down. We discussed the concerns as listed above and requested details on her parenting techniques etc. Michelle was very quick to tell us that Dainen is on a very strict behavior modification point system and the twins. (4 year old girls) are on the t-2-3 Magic program. Basically Dainen earns and loses points based on behavior and choices. In severe cases he is also strapped for very specific Item such as lying, stealing, and dangerous behavior. She related that strapping is usually done on the bare bum and she is careful to avoid excess or bruising. She felt very strongly that this was used only as a last resort and was extremely effective. We asked to see Dainen alone and had a 15 minute conversation with him that appeared to be genuine and forthcoming.

Dainen was dressed only in swim trunks and did not display any signs of bruising or other marks indicating severe discipline. We spoke again with Michelle and discussed concerns  about physical discipline especially using an Instrument to administer the blow. She appeared to be well informed on the subject and appeared to listen to what suggestions we made. (Using physical discipline as a last resort only, not disciplining in anger. Using your hand to gauge the force, striking only on the bum, etc.)

Conclusion - Although Dainen is on a very strict behavioral program and is physically disciplined, there were no Indications Dainen is subject to abuse as defined in the CW Act. His mother appears to be making every effort to address his behaviors and it appears that this child feels safe, nurtured and cared for in this home. No Indication of need for protective services at this time. Case closed On Investigation.

          Harlan (.Lanny) Smith
          Child.Welfare Investigator
          VVDS, Raddison Sub Office, VVillow Park D.O.