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I want to thank Richard Westland, editor of the Didsbury Review  for having the intelligence and the heart  to care enough to write this article.

Thank you Richard from our hearts.
Marcel & Phyllis  

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Didsbury Review
Local couple trying to start grandparents  group
y Richard Westlund

It has been over two years since
Phyllis and Marcel Proulx have seen                                 
their grandchild.
They have taken the
matter to court in hopes of being granted access, but were denied
by the judge and unless an appeal
is heard their circumstances may
stay that way.
The process has left
them frustrated and angry. But it has
not deterred them from moving
The Proulx are currently trying to start a local group for
grandparents that are in similar
circumstances. Because their current ordeal has left them feeling
alone they want to try and reach
others so a support network
can be put in place.
 "From what I know there isn't a group like this
in the area," said Phyllis, citing
emotional support and a network
of legal answers and advice as reasons for setting up a group.

After receiving the judgment on their bid for visitation rights, read at the
Court of Queen's Bench in Calgary
on Feb. 9, 2001, Phyllis posted it
on a web site she created because she "wanted people to know how
stupid it was."
In the judgment the judge said it was a real loss for the grandchild
not to be able to see the grandparents as many years had
gone into the relationship.
Visitation was denied because "the
Child's day to day life before and after any court ordered visits
with Grandparents would be
made too difficult by Mother (and husband)."
The judge encouraged the grandparents to look Into their
own hearts and recognize if they
truly love the child they should step
away and allow the family to
function the best it can.
The Proulx’s want to appeal the decision but they have yet to receive
the full transcripts of the Feb. 9 case, even though a year has now passed, which has left them even more frustrated. It is that frustration which has furthered their want for
a support group.
Feedback to the web site that was set up by Phyllis have let them know
there are similar grandparents in
similar situations.  
The Proulx’s had free and
unscheduled access to the child
based on a mutual agreement with
the grandchild's mother until access was completely terminated in
November 1999 states the judges
decision. According to court records
the Proulx’s had the primary
responsibility for the care of the child at different times including an
approximate eight month period in 1991 and 1992.
The fact that the Proulx’s have been
the primary caregivers to the child
has made it especially tough not
to have visitation rights.
It is so emotionally hard. I sometimes just hang up the
phone and cry. Its hard. Its really
hard. We (were together for such a long time.”