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Historical Ruling
This Alberta Grand had the Gods shining on her when this ruling was made. She had to travel to BC to rescue her Grands and managed to come home with them right away
A historical ruling is a ruling that has never happened before, it sets a precedent for future rulings.
When I got custody, I was in Alberta and the boys in B.C. Because B.C. and Alberta don't have an "agreement" to work together on inter-provincial custody issues my lawyer told me that it would take me up to two years to get custody because B.C. required home studies that I had to pay myself and me to jump through all the red tape hoops they had in place to ensure that the boys would be going to a good home.
In B.C. child welfare has 72 hours when they apprehend children to get the case into court. When we went to court there wasn't a family court judge sitting, only a criminal court judge and child welfare had to use her because their time was up. She did the criminal court cases first and then the family court cases. Because she wasn't as up to par on the family court laws as she should have been, I walked out of court with sole permanent custody. No grandparent from out of province had ever been awarded custody without all the regulations being followed before. Her only compensation for that was to order Alberta child welfare to supervise my custody for the first 6 months. I never saw them because they said they didn't have to follow B.C. court orders. I did call them after the 6 months was up and demand that they come out to make sure the boys were in a good home and because I wanted them to pay for counseling. They made arrangements for me to pay my own counseling at a very reduced rate and closed the file because they said the boys were in a good home and didn't need them. This after only an hours visit.
Because she awarded me sole custody without the red tape, other grandparents will be able to use our case to get custody of their grandchildren in B.C. if they live out of province much easier and quicker.