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With this site I am going to try and give you a some insight into one little boy's life.

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The lost One
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Our Fight For One Precious Little Boy.


Born April 21,1991

Ten years old, bright, intelligent, outgoing and friendly...This is the Dainen we know...The Dainen we haven't seen for a year..(Two Now) The Dainen that supposedly cannot make a decision on his own to brush his teeth..The Dainen that is drugged up on RITALIN whether he needs it or not. After all, we wouldn't want to have to put out any effort to raise this child if he should happen to act his age and be a child... Now Would We????

After all his mother is a medical person; "professional person " as she puts it and she says she knows everything. Who are we: The mere Grandparents of this child? What would we know about "love"?

In July of 1999 Social Services did an investigation re: Dainen's home life. They found that he was being spanked with a belt but that seemed to be OK with them. We have been blamed for it all.

His mother has cut off access to everyone he loves: Us, his Uncle Marcel and Auntie Pixie, his Auntie Michelle and Uncle Ron, cousins Bobbie, CC, Mych, Justin, and Jamie and the three "critters" he loves the most in the dacshunds..Yoda, Diana and Leah.


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