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The Beginning

Hello... My name is Phyllis and my husbands name is Marcel....This is our story.............

July, 1991...... We came home from holidays this summer to a surprise. Our youngest son was at our house with a wee baby. He had big black eyes and dark curly hair. Apparently his mother had stayed up north to finish her training and would be there for the 6-8 months. My son was good with the baby but still the primary care fell on me and that was not a problem. He was a good little baby. In the next several months his mother never came to see him once and never phoned us, his grandparents to see how he was doing or show any concern. My son did take the baby up to see her one time. She did however, phone almost nightly, in the wee hours, very intoxicated to check up on my son. Finally she was finished her schooling and returned to Dainen and my son, living with us until they found their own place to live.

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