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I am putting two e-mail addresses on this page so that anyone that would like to write Dainen a letter may do so. I remain confident that he will be able to read them one day.

The other address is mine and I hope to hear from people as well.

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Contact Us
E-mail Phyllis....

E-mail Dainen

   This torch will burn here for Dainen until his hurting stops.

I hope to add some useful links here as well. Below is the first of some very important links


These Links are to the sites of Grands who are either raising or seeking access to Grands.

Grandma Didi.. Need information?  Go here.

Mama Vals..Here is an enormous amount of information that is yours at
             the click of your mouse.  
Grandma Betty's..Another story of extreme courage.

Grandma Lil's..And the courage goes on.

 My Grandma's Site

My Grandpa's Site

  My Grandma's Other Site

 Grey Power
       Law Society Libraries

                BC Adoption Act Form

                              Pro Bono Students Canada
 GRG Ribbon.....Read all about this Grands Ribbon

Province of BC..   A Childs Right to Love

Sue Hendricks law 403)234-7550