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To my right is the decision we received by the Family Court in Calgary, Alberta. This decision was read to us in open court on Feb. 9, 2001   
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Page 3: The Decision

Grandmother responded simply that she had looked afar the Child for seven months without being asked. She pointed out that when the Child was on penicillin, Mother would send the medicine, with instructions, when the Child went to visit - she never felt it was necessary to inquire whether or not anything further was required. If Mother ever made a request about bedtime, diet, or any such things, it was complied with and there was no argument. When asked if she had ever given Mother money for the Child, her response was Why would I give Michelle money for the Child? A number of questions about money were raised, now of which seemed to be of much import.

Grandmother consistently denied that she and Mother had argued at any time. When Mother said she didn't have time to take the Child to kindergarten, the Grandparents offered to have him attend in Sundre and their oldest son offered to pick him up and drive him home every day in Calgary, but Mother declined both offers. Mother often told them that she didn't know how she would have managed without them and told her baby sitters how wonderful it was that the Child could get out to Sundre to see his Grandparents.

Marcel Proulx

The Grandfather is taciturn, 62 years of age, has a grade 7 education and is on a CPP disability pension. He was seriously ill in February of 2000 and continues to suffer from complications. Mother had once told Grandfather that she is a professional person and knows best what to do with the Child. His view is that its her Child and therefore he accepts her position. His involvement with the Child was mostly recreational, in that he took him on bicycle rides, sleigh rides, for walks, and other grandfather and grandson things. He bought the Child a bicycle and it is still at their home in Didsbury (where they moved in 1998) because Mother said the Child had one in Calgary.

Donna Albrecht

Ms. Albrecht moved next door to the Grandparents in Calgary in March of 1991 and clearly remembered the Child arriving to live with his Grandparents that summer. She thought he had stayed with them for a year, although the correct time seems to be 7 or 8 months. Ms. Albrecht has not seen the Child for four or five years. She never had any concerns about the Child being with his Grandparents and thought he was a normal boy and not overactive. She had once driven the Child from Calgary to Olds, where he was picked up by the Grandparents; the Child told her that his new daddy had pushed him down the stairs and she had reported this conversation to the Grandparents. She testified that the Child adored his Grandfather and that they had a great relationship.

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