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To my right is the decision we received by the Family Court in Calgary, Alberta. This decision was read to us in open court on Feb. 9, 2001   
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Page 10: The Decision


Case Law

I have reviewed carefully the following decisions from the courts of Alberta:

-   Bridgewater vs. Lee, rendered by Judge Cook-Stanhope, dated June 16, 1998;

The Director, W. I, T and T, rendered by Judge Cook-Stanhope, dated June 17,

-   The matter of W, rendered by Judge Cook-Stanhope, dated October 29, 1998;

CLT and AHT vs EP and GP, rendered by the Court of Appeal of Alberta, dated
March 15, 1999

-   C vs C, rendered by Judge Carruthers, dated March 31, 1999;

Groslcy vs. Chouinard & Groslcy, rendered by Judge Norheim, dated July 16,

-   K vs. K, rendered by Judge Jordan, dated November 18, 1999; and

D.N. and R.N. vs. L.N. and T.N.Z., rendered by Judge Crowe, dated March 13,

And the decision in T.M.M vs D.A.T., rendered by the British Columbia Supreme Court on April
20, 2000.

These judicial decisions put forward the proposition that only in cases where the parent or parents of a Child are demonstrably inadequate will the provisions of Section 32.1(1) of the
Provincial Court Act be applied so as to enforce a grandparents' "right of access" to grandchildren.


In Judge Cook-Stanhope's oft quoted Bridgewater decision she refers to the touching sight of young children playing under the watchful eyes of loving and doting grandparents...and notes that; "there can be do doubt that there are numerous circumstances where the love and the care of devoted grandparents has and is being withheld from their grandchildren." I believe that
both of these observations are near to describing the situation in this matter.

I found the Grandparents to be typical of many grandparents. They have raised their children, rightly or wrongly, they have learned much in life and have the ability, generally, to take life one day at a time within the context of their

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